Eastmoor High School Class of 1966

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Welcome to the Class of '66 Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to remembering our classmates who are deceased.  If you know of someone who has passed away or you have information to share regarding a deceased classmate, please send an email to Jerry. (Names with links are obits/other information)

LastName FirstName MarriedName  
Ankrom Billie Jo   Deceased (10/2015)
Baldwin Ronald   Deceased
Belhorn William   Deceased
Bosserman Alexander   Deceased
Bowser John   Deceased
Brown Margaret   Deceased (4/18/2004)
Butler Nicholas   Deceased
Canright Crystal   Deceased (5/31/2017)
Cason Carol Fleming Deceased
Clark Michael  
Deceased (6/11/2022)
Coley Donald   Deceased
Connor Marvin   Deceased
Cook Kathleen   Deceased
Crawford John   Deceased
Cronin John   Deceased (12/21/2007)
DeLong Diana Robinson Deceased (3/26/2020)
Dumas Pie (Jeri)   Deceased
Eiland Robert L.   Deceased (1/14/2000)
Engle Martha Deceased (7/31/2007)
Esswein Marlene Barber Deceased
Fields Edgar   Deceased (2/3/2005)
Fitzpatrick Toni McFerin Deceased (11/23/2020)
Foote Ronald   Deceased
Geiger Charles   Deceased (4/14/2008)
George Michael   Deceased
Gray Sandra Wood Deceased (4/9/2021)
Grubb Margaret Ford Deceased
Hawkins Dorothy   Deceased
Henderson Michael   Deceased
Herrel Ray   Deceased
Howdyshell Trudy Miller
Deceased (12/29/2021)
Hofheimer Stephen   Deceased
Holman Mike   Deceased
Howard Joyce   Deceased (10/14/2001)
Jaeger William   Deceased
Johnston II James   Deceased (9/13/89)
Jones Martin   Deceased
Jones Tim   Deceased
Karr Douglas   Deceased (9/1/2014)
King Carmen   Deceased (10/2/2019)
Landefeld, MD Ronald   Deceased
Lear Cynthia Roberts Deceased
Lok Ray   Deceased (8/31/2007)
Lobell Norman  
Deceased (7/24/2021)
Moore Brenda   Deceased
Mullen Murrell   Deceased
Mumaw Dennis   Deceased
Nicholson Lauralee Bass Deceased
Novak William   Deceased
Pace Jeffrey   Deceased (12/2/2018)
Pepper Marvin   Deceased
Powell Glen   Deceased (2/6/2020)
Prater Beatice   Deceased (11/1/2015)
Pursell Robert   Deceased
Raffeld Howard   Deceased
Reefer Peggy Meyer Deceased
Reynolds Deborah   Deceased (3/5/2017)
Ridewood Charles   Deceased (9/6/2015)
Rogers Michael   Deceased
Rowe Anita Leach Deceased
Rutledge James   Deceased (1/15/1968)
Sauselen Rhea Haas Deceased
Shorter Lamar   Deceased
Silberman Craig   Deceased
Spencer William   Deceased
Stapleton Theodore   Deceased
Stein Ronald   Deceased
Sutton Nancy   Deceased (9/29/1991)
Taylor Randall   Deceased (11/20)
Wainer Brian   Deceased (10/21/2018)
Walcoff Michael   Deceased
Wernicke David   Deceased
Wilcox Michael   Deceased
Wiley Jack   Deceased
Zinnecker Dixie Comstock Deceased (3/12/2007)
Zweier Howard   Deceased (7/21/2019)