Eastmoor High School Class of 1966

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Welcome to the Class of '66 Class Directory


The purpose of the class directory is to provide email and/or postal contact information for use by classmates in order to renew or maintain personal relationships.

To help protect the contact information from webbots, you must provide a password to view the directory.  The password is the name of the school.. Enter only the first name, do not enter "high school", and then reenter to confirm

All class members are listed but contact information is displayed only if that information has been provided to the committee or by the classmate. The initial contact information was taken from the 30th Anniversary Program and has been updated in preparation for the 50th and 55th reunions.

To update your contact information, please send your contact information in the body of an email to me ( Jerry Speakman) and I will update the database.

Guests are welcome to be included in the directory. Guests are individuals that would have graduated in the class of '66 but moved prior to graduation or are Eastmoor graduates from the classes of '65 or '67 who had friendships with many members of the class of '66. Please email your contact information to Jerry Speakman and I will be glad to include it in the directory.







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