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Where have you been? and what have you been doing? - - - family, school, career, pastimes, good times, etc.

Attended OSU Fall quarter 1966. Turmoil over Vietnam was in full swing. Thought I'd check it out for myself, so I transferred to The University of Science Music & Culture January 1967 (United States Marine Corps). Spent August 68 to Sep 69 in Vietnam. Married my next door neighbor, Martie Braskett (EHS Class 61) April 70. Worked as a Collection Mgr. for a Columbus auto dealer(Repo'd cars) until I returned to OSU under the GI Bill in Jan 73.  Graduated OSU, BS Bus Admin in Real Estate Jun 76.  Graduated from the Columbus Police Academy Sep 76 as an Auxiliary Officer (Volunteer job). Worked for NCR as an Accountant out of college until Jan 77 and moved onto Galbreath Mortgage Company as a Mgr Trainee and over the years advanced to an AVP in Loan Admin. Took a hiatus from Galbreath which had became Chemical Mortgage from Jan 79 to Feb 80 to be a Criminal Investigator with OSUPD. Decided I preferred staying married so I returned to Chemical until Mar 86 when I took a VP position with Talman Home Mortgage Corp, which over the years morphed into ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, in Chicago, IL. I retired in Sep 2003 as a SVP and Site Manager  and we relocated to TX where I tried my hand at farming (hay and brood mares), and then returned to school and became certified in Special Ed, Early Childhood thru Senior High. I taught middle school math for seven years and then retired again when Martie was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. She passed in Dec 14. We had two sons (1972 &1978). One is a teacher in Hilliard the other a Trade Group Mgr in Chicago. Between the two of them we have three grandchildren (2 girls and 1 boy). In 1977 I took on a partime job with the Army Reserve and after 33 plus years of service I retired a a Command Sergeant Major. In 2017 I meet a great lady who also lost her spouse to cancer in 2014 and we have enjoyed traveling together and volunteering as Docents at the Columbus Museum of Art.

favorite high school memory

So very many, especially with my best friends, Mike DeLorme, Alex Bosserman, and Norm LoBell. Unfortunately, Alex and Norm are no longer with us.

unique achievement

My kids and grand kids births, marriage to Martie, and time in the Marine Corps.

standout event

February 1969, Fire Base Lightning (ARVN), Ashau Valley, RVN
Smiling broadly, he dismounted from his VIP Huey as the swirling, red Vietnamese dust settled to the dry landing zone floor.  He was dressed in freshly starched, camouflaged, jungle utilities complete with the recently unauthorized matching utility cover. His spit shined jungle boots sparkled like a diamond in a goat’s ass.  His gold front tooth sparkled and competed with his highly polished brass belt buckle as they reflected the brilliant rays of the midday sun.  He was slightly overweight, and the fullness of his smooth, clean-shaven, bronze face was in direct contrast to the thin, sunken cheeked faces characteristic of the Vietnamese people.  As he extended his well –manicured, diamond studded hand, he thanked me for the assistance I was providing to his people, noting all the while that my small, one bunker compound was encircled by three rows of German razor wire, complete with claymore mines and a bunker-mounted M-60 machine gun aimed down the throats of his ARVN soldiers.  Clasping his outstretched hand, I replied,   “My pleasure, Mr. President.”

unforgettable trip

Romance of the Rhine & Mosel River Cruise 2018 &
Spain 2019

little-known fact

I believe I am the only one in our class and quite possibly the only living person who has a street in Columbus named after me. To wit: Tedco Drive
Ask me about it and I'll tell you an interesting story.

You’ve come a long way in 55 years. Where are you going in the next five years?

Hit the road when Covid get's under control and take it a day at a time.