Collected Tales from our Life's Journey's




Marjorie Mack


Where have you been? and what have you been doing? - - - family, school, career, pastimes, good times, etc.

Started OSU, dropped out, worked, sailed competitively, met my husband one June and got married that October. While he was teaching at Northern Kentucky, I finished school in management and economics. We had a son, and now have a granddaughter.

Jim got a job with ABC Sports and we moved to New Jersey (major culture shock). However, during our 40 years in New Jersey, we grew to love this state, it isn't just the Turnpike and Jersey shore. It also has rural, forested areas. The Appalachian Trail was on the ridge across the Lake where we lived. For awhile the densest black bear population in the country was around our area of West Milford, NJ. One early morning, while gardening, I  accidentally came nose-to-snout with a black bear! My brain was telling me not to run while my feet were trying to. Fortunately my collie herded that bear like a giant sheep back into the woods (my collie got steak for breakfast).

I became a CIA (certified internal auditor) and was Director of Audit and Compliance at a large healthcare system (one of the best careers no one ever heard about).

Our vacations usually involved hiking, which lead to some interesting adventures. On one hike, a friend got injured (pre cell phones), To get help, I had to hike about four miles over rocky trails before it got dark. To keep focused and move quickly, I kept repeating a cadence to a routine we learned in the Warriorettes ( . . . double to the rear with a slight hesitation . . . ). I got help, and my friend was rescued. Glad I paid attention to some things at Eastmoor.

I have been blessed to continue some very special friendships from Eastmoor.

favorite high school memory

Strangely, walking to school. I learned to identify quite a few birds by their songs on early mornings.

unique achievement

In 1991, won a North American Women's sailing championship. New Jersey has many competitive sailing clubs, both salt water and fresh water.

standout event

Birth of my son and my granddaughter.

unforgettable trip

During one of our trips to the Northwest. my son and I were kayaking around Salt Spring Island (near Victoria, BC) when a pod of Orcas started swimming towards us. It was breathtaking but also terrifying.

little-known fact

New Jersey has several ski resorts (in 1992, Donna Weisbrecht won the Olympic Gold Medal in Women's Mogul Skiing). She learned to ski not far from us.  

You’ve come a long way in 55 years. Where are you going in the next five years?

Jim passed away in April of 2020, during the first phase COVID. I am trying to figure out what's next on this journey. I will stay in New Jersey, near my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I promised my son to stay off ladders and not to hike alone. Technically, if I have my dog with me, I am not hiking alone . . .