Collected Tales from our Life's Journey's




Lenni Zuckerman


Where have you been? and what have you been doing? - - - family, school, career, pastimes, good times, etc.

I went from Columbus to Madison, WI to Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL; married, divorced and remarried.
I started out as a speech and hearing pathologist in the Wisconsin school system and then went on to follow my interest in cooking. I studied with the wonderful Madeleine Kamman in Annecy, France and then was lucky enough to work with her protege in Milwaukee until I moved to Chicago. Once in Chicago, I worked freelance in food styling and for Eli's Cheesecakes.
I'm still here in Chicago, phasing out of food styling to full retirement.
My passion now is focused on the creation of mosaics.

favorite high school memory

The friends made from grade school and high school are still my closest friends.

unique achievement

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there, but after getting divorced, moving to Chicago, having no money and no job, I managed to find a job, then a career and then re-marry happily. I feel very fortunate and proud to be able to stand on my own.

standout event

I've always had a lead foot and a passion for manual driving (remember my Pontiac LeMans 2+2 convertible?). My husband is a real car junkie and used to participate in SCCA autocross for years. He got me involved and the highlight for me-not having anything to do with SCCA-was the SRT Challenge we took part in at Road America! Loved every minute of that event and other racing courses I have taken.

unforgettable trip

In 2017, we spent almost a month in the north of Italy. It was just spectacular. We were to go back in 2020, but of course, that was canceled!

You’ve come a long way in 55 years. Where are you going in the next five years?

Hopefully we'll be able to continue on with our international travels.
Looking forward to spending more studio time creating my mosaics.