Collected Tales from our Life's Journey's




Diane Taber


Where have you been? and what have you been doing? - - - family, school, career, pastimes, good times, etc.

Hi after graduation I attended MATA college got a computer Drafting diploma.. Working for the state of Ohio and attended Ohio State University where I got my bachelors degree.. married John Lopez in 1969. We had one child Laurie Horton and three grandchildren and now I have one great grand. John is retired 22 years Naval and we traveled the world. We’ve been married 52 years I miss cruising but are blessed with family.. we’ve lived in Goosecreek South Carolina since 1986..

favorite high school memory

Mr Barr drivers Ed.. Drove right across James Road on fair Ave.. Traffic coming full barrel.. Mr Barr had ( female driver forgot name ) pull over and he got out and calmed down.. He never slowed her down or hit the brakes… Funny now ( I remember Dan Ferris was in the car in the back with me.. We just laughed..)

unforgettable trip

John hon and my 50 Anniversary cruise with the family...

You’ve come a long way in 55 years. Where are you going in the next five years?

Next five years we intend to watch our grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up and be happy.