Collected Tales from our Life's Journey's




Bob Collins


Where have you been? and what have you been doing? - - - family, school, career, pastimes, good times, etc.

Went to college at OSU. Got drafted after OSU. Platoon Sgt 101st Abn Div  infantry.  Got out, spent some time in California on the beach for a few months. Moved to Houston, TX. Job offer took me to New Mexico for 4 yrs. Job offer took me to Phoenix for 4 yrs. Job offer took me to Columbus for 10 yrs. Decided to move to Florida in 1994.  Lived in Lake Mary, FL then job took me to Daytona Beach. Bought a summer home on Lake Huron and retired in 2005. Did the snowbird thing til last year and sold Florida and Lake Huron homes and now live on LakeGuntersville in NE Alabama with my wife Debbie. I continue to fish Bass tournaments year around and enjoying the grandkids. Daughter in Virginia, Son in Florida and Son in Alabama. It's been a great life. No regrets. Very lucky man.

favorite high school memory

Dances all over town.

unique achievement

Made it home fron SE Asia with body and most of my mind intact.

standout event

Meeting my wonderful spouse Debbie. She has been a blessing for me.

unforgettable trip

Spent a week in Taipei, Taiwan and 10 days in Maui

little-known fact

I moved from Bexley to Eastmoor during my Jr yr. Wound up a half credit short and graduated from Eastmoor in summerschool in August of 66 instead of June.

You’ve come a long way in 55 years. Where are you going in the next five years?








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