Collected Tales from our Life's Journey's




B J (Betty) Compton Fulton


Where have you been? and what have you been doing? - - - family, school, career, pastimes, good times, etc.

Lived for 20 years at Indian Lake prior to Marysville, Graduated from OSU in Education/PE graduated from Wright St with a Masters,
Taught in Columbus Public Schools
I was married to Carl Fulton who taught at West High School.
We played a lot of golf in Marysville and at the lake with friends, I have a wonderful, cute Jack Russell Hootie.  He’s my buddy!!  
I’m active in fitness here.  When I was at the gym in FL Doug Flutie was there with the ladies, he was practicing for Dancing with the Stars. He wasn’t on Dancing too long!!

I have friends I love to have lunch with, and hang out with

favorite high school memory

I love every thing about High school!  So much to do and fun friends!!
Alice Fields and I worked in the book room for Mr Cahill.  I use to get in the grocery cart and she pushed me up and down the hallways!!
Also the dances and our Graduation!! Great times it was such a great school and wonderful people!!

unique achievement

Graduation and moving on to OSU
The friends I made at EHS

standout event

Eastmoor Football
All the dances and the Courts.

unforgettable trip

Travel to the Football games with friends

little-known fact

I was taller when I was in school!  Don't laugh

You’ve come a long way in 55 years. Where are you going in the next five years?

Hopefully I will move to a warmer climate and a condo will be in my future!!